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Saying the Magic Words

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today I want to explore the details of what is needed for a spell with only a verbal component to be cast. I imagined Silent Gasp, a young kenku rogue, who spent their life around mages. We've previously learned that there are 40-odd spells that fit the verbal-only requirement category, and Silent Gasp surely heard all of them! So, being a kenku, capable of perfectly copying sounds, can they just cast them? If not, what can we do to make it both possible, and fun? Let's dive in and see! … Continue readingSaying the Magic Words

A Voice for Silent Wizards

Reading Time: 8 minutes Over the past weekend, one discussion led to another, and soon I was knees deep in the problem of making a mute wizard character in D&D. It was a long ride that involved reading about the inherent ableism that survives in games like D&D, writing scripts for light data analysis (not the point and not detailed in this article), figuring small semantic loopholes in the rules-as-written that every spellcaster loves to (ab)use so much and seeing if they can work in our favor. … Continue readingA Voice for Silent Wizards