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Stars Without Number

Kevin Crawford’s Stars Without Number

Reading Time: 9 minutes Here I was, a full year ago, looking at this cool roleplaying game PDF in an attempt to build a character for myself. I'm just going through some cool character creation features when my eyes land on page 36, and I read "Precognition". My mind starts to whirl as I imagine how this would work in an RPG as I go into reading about my own player future. Stars Without Number and more about how to GM a sandbox. … Continue readingKevin Crawford’s Stars Without Number

John Harper’s Blades in the Dark

Reading Time: 9 minutes Here's the plot: the crew goes on heists, has downtime, hangs out, upgrades their lair, does projects, and slowly becomes more of a family than a party, building memory upon memory together. The characters built this way are less just themselves and more the product of their most desperate moments, where they survived only because they had each other. Some have gained an edge, some have gone soft, but they get the job done and advance. Blades in the Dark is a game about professionals; the ups and downs of their business. … Continue readingJohn Harper’s Blades in the Dark